4 Facts to Know Before Availing Anti-Frizz Treatment at a Barnet Hair Salon!

Hair is the crown that you always wear! It defines your looks in many ways and gives a glamorous charm to your personality. But the modern lifestyle and unwanted pollution is a threat to your existence and you suffer from various hair and beauty problems! You may be troubled with hair tangling and hair roughness. You may be facing hair loss issues. But what is the cure?

Have you heard of Keratin Smoothing treatment for hair? Well, the best Barnet hair salon got a fantastic solution to give you freedom from your hair woes! Our Anti-frizz treatment is meant for people annoyed with hair roughness and dullness! But before you lay your hands on this treatment, we would like you to know 4 important facts related to this treatment!

Fact 1.

Keratin Smoothing and Hair Rebonding are Different!

People often get confused with the different kinds of hair treatments available at the Barnet hair salon. You need to understand that all the treatments are different in the procedure, use different products, allot different results, and last for a varied period. Hair rebonding is breaking the hair bonds and giving it a flat-ironed appearance. It is a highly chemical-laden process. But Keratin Smoothing is more of a softer and natural method of infusing keratin protein to your hair and gives you a frizz-free look for a couple of months.

Fact 2.

Smoothing Treatments are Formaldehyde-Free.

If you want to ditch the chemical treatment and want to treat the roughness, dullness, and dryness with much love and ease then a Keratin Smoothing is your gateway! A Barnet hair salon will explain to you the procedure and product usage well before starting the treatment. Here the keratin proteins are made to penetrate deep into the cortex of your hair rather than sitting outside of the hair cuticle. This makes the smoothness last longer (around 4 to 6 months).

Fact 3.

It Comes with Certain Precautions and After-Care.

After your hair is treated, you are barred from touching, washing, tying, and clipping it for the next 48 hours. If this is not followed, it reduces the effectiveness of the treatment and causes denting on the strands. The aftercare includes regular spa and conditioning along with the use of chemical-free and sulphate-free hair products. The aftercare is explained to you by the experts at our Barnet hair salon.

Fact 4.

Results vary from Person to Person.

How your friend’s hair looks after the keratin smoothing may not be the same way as yours! The results depend upon the hair texture and the upkeep. If the hair is chemically treated (coloured or straightened) before, it may cause the results to vary. You should go for thorough counselling from the beauty experts at Becca Hair and Beauty before you take up this treatment at the Barnet hair salon!

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