3 Important Things to Consider Before Going for Balayage, Barnet!

Beauty makeover is a growing craze! We all like heading to beauty salons to jazz up our looks! Whether it is just a simple haircut or a hair coloring service, a quick makeover is always welcomed. But we often tend to ignore the consequences that follow with such treatments. We don’t research enough about the treatments and just get carried away with the trend. When opting for a beauty or hair transformation, we need to understand the process and procedures in detail, its suitability on us, and the precautions that are needed to be followed.

We are here to discuss the on-going beauty cult, ‘THE BALAYAGE’ in Barnet! It is a hair colouring technique that most celebrities sport these days. But what makes a Balayage different from the regular hair colouring treatment? What are the things you need to know before you go for Balayage in a Barnet salon? All your concerns are answered here!

What is Balayage?

Balayage means painting the hair with the colour swipe technique! This method is different from regular hair colouring and highlighting that uses foil to lock the coloured strands. Balayage, Barnet is a free-hand paint sweeping by the hairdresser that imparts a more natural and sun-kissed effect. The hair colour starts developing just below the scalp and gets denser at the base. The colour application is done in an extremely professional manner that avoids any kind of colour saturation in the middle sections so that a completely natural and soft look is achieved.  It’s a low maintenance treatment as compared to streaked highlights and stays longer if well-treated!

3 Important Things to Consider Before Balayage, Barnet

If you want to look stylish with trending hair color, just note the following aspects before taking the plunge:

  1. Consultation from Experts

A consultation is the first thing in the pipeline! Whenever you want to try something new, it is always advised to take help from the experts. Only a highly qualified hairdresser would be able to explain to you the treatments and their aftercare. An expert will listen patiently to your queries and comes out with a customized answer.

  2. Understand your Hair Type and Shades that would Complement your Skin-Tone

During the consultation, your hair type is analysed and the best product and treatment is decided. You also need to select the type of Balayage, Barnet that you want! Becca Hair &Beauty offers you these following popular Balayage, Barnet:

The New Yorker.

The Rio.

The Londoner.

The LA.

The California.

  3. Choose the Best Hair Salon in Barnet

If you take expert assistance, will never go wrong. Be sure of getting the best Balayage Barnet with Becca Hair and Beauty. Our decades of experience have polished our services and skills over time and we can offer you the best treatment in the industry. Our technicians are trained in the respective fields and are highly professional in their endeavours. Any beauty salon that you choose should charge you fairly and with Becca be sure of getting the best within the budget!

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