Thinking of Getting Hair Extensions? Read Here Before You Decide!

Do you have short hair and want it to grow long overnight? Are you tired of your limp and thin hair and want volume and waves? Well, then you must consider getting a hair extension at a Beauty Works Salon in Hertfordshire. Hair extensions are artificial hair integration that gives you a fake length and volume instantly. These can be glued, clipped, or sewn to your natural hair strands and you can have them go undetectable. The service is quick and just needs a couple of minutes.

The Best Hair Extension Brand.

Beauty Works is a name that needs no introduction. You cannot have a better brand of hair extension for yourself. The main concern when having a hair extension service is that no one should be able to detect it! Well at Becca Hair and Beauty, you only get the best brand of hair extension and our attachment technique makes it blend with your natural tresses just like magic. Our expertise of 15 years helps us deliver premium service to our clients so that they leave contented from our salon.

Why is Beauty Works a Preferred Brand of Hair Extension?

When you consult any top beauty therapist, the only recommended name in the hair extension category is Beauty Works. It is due to the award-winning quality that has gained its wide acclaim. These extensions deliver what it promises and never fails to satisfy you and make you feel proud. Some unique points that visit a Beauty Works Salon in Hertfordshire worthwhile are:

These are an award-winning brand of hair extension.

These are Remy hair extensions and so the quality and the look are unparalleled.

The extension ranges from 18 inches to 24-inch length.

You have a wide choice of length and texture.

They last longer than other hair extension brands. On average it lasts for around 8-12 weeks.

These are easily attachable and can be reused again and again.

There are several attachment techniques available and you can choose the one that suits you.

At Becca Hair and Beauty, you can avail of different hair attachment technique:

Keratin bonds.

Nano Beads.

Taping method.

The variety of hair extensions and attachment techniques makes us recommend a Beauty Works Salon in Hertfordshire for your hair extension aspirations.

Are These Extensions Harmful to Natural Hair?

The one big concern that we all face prior to taking up any beauty service is that whether it is safe and side-effect-free! Then let us tell you that at Becca Hair and Beauty, you can take up a free consultation service before taking the plunge and enjoy any trending beauty service. We are the most popular Beauty Works Salon in Hertfordshireand our team of guided professionals ensures that your natural crowning glory is not affected by these artificial hair extensions. We also use the safest attachment and detachment techniques that are well-approved and of the highest beauty standards!

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