Transform Your Looks with A Balayage In Barnet Hair Salon!

For all those Senoritas out there! Here comes the best hair transformation technique that can be a complete game-changer in the way you look and present yourself! Yes, you guessed it right! We are speaking of Balayage in Barnet! This blog post is especially for those who are fascinated to take up a balayage treatment but have a little knowledge about the techniques, safety metre, and the hair salon in Barnet that offers the best deals and services on a Balayage treatment! So, without wasting much time, let’s dive in and explore!

The word Balayage means to “paint”. A Balayage hair treatment means sweeping the hair with colour dyes in an artistic form. This is completely different from the global hair colouring technique or traditional foil highlights. Here the colour shades are lighter at the roots and gradually gets deeper and concentrated at the ends. This gives a natural wave of sun-kissed tresses as if you are born with it. A balayage in Barnet has gained popularity lately after many renowned celebrities sported this look on the silver screen! And with Becca Hair and Beauty, getting a celebrity asthe look has never been this easier! We are the best Hair Salon in Barnet when it comes to hair treatments and styling.

We Excel in Technique and Experience

Any hair treatment needs correct products and the right technique to get the desired results. A field experience is an added benefit and comes as a trust label for clients. We at Becca follow the traditional Balayage technique with the right colour mixing and merging and the perfect application method. The colours have to be evenly spread out so that they don’t look saturated at any point. Else you won’t get a natural look! The correct colour choice keeping the skin tone and the haircut in mind is done by our experts' team and you can be assured of the best looks and results. Our 15 years of experience in the industry has gained us enormous fame and trust and we value it to the core.

Balayage- A Lesser Maintenance Treatment!

The freehand paint swiping of colours that grow out naturally with your hair growth doesn't require frequent salon visits and maintenance. This is the reason that people now opt for Balayage in Barnet rather than foil hair colouring and highlights. Any haircut is instantly enhanced with a soft balayage or ombre technique.

Consultation before Taking the Plunge!

It is always suggested that you speak to professionals before undertaking any beauty treatment and make up your mind thereafter. Knowing all the pros and cons is necessary for the clients and we make it a point to get things transparent in front of you. You can book a pre-consultation over a phone call or visit our website.

Types of Balayage Offered at Our Salon!

The New Yorker.

The Londoner.

The Rio.

The LA.


The longevity of Balayage in Barnet depends upon your hair maintenance. On average it lasts up to 4-6 months. Both long hair and short hair can have this hair transformation from Becca Hair and Beauty to add a wow factor to their appearance! Book your appointments today!

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